New York Mets: Light At The End of the Tunnel


This one is for the true fans out there.

For those that remember Carlos Beltran striking out looking with the chance to give the Mets the chance to play in the World Series

For those of you that have had to defend their team’s poor decisions like Jason Bay and Shawn Greene to the Yankee fans who didn’t know what a bad decision was.

For those of you that have had to turn your television off after watching 2 and a half hours of baseball, because the bullpen blew a lead in the final inning.

As a New York Met fan we have been through the worst. It is torture being a Met fan. We have had extremely little to be happy about.

But people…there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your New York Mets are on the rise. We may not even realize how rapidly we are on the rise.

I guarantee that over the next two years you will see a DRAMATIC change in the New York Mets. Believe it or not…they have been making amazing decisions regarding their minor league system. Some may even say the Mets have the best minor league system in baseball.

I spoke with a worker from the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s office who said he is extremely impressed by what the Mets are doing and expects them to be one of baseball’s best teams shortly.

Now…what makes them so promising?



Did I say pitching?

The New York Mets have an extreme abundance of front end starters in their system. This team has the ability to carry 3-4 pitchers that could be an ace on any team in the league.

Matt Harvey.

Zack Wheeler.

Noah Syndergaard.

Rafael Montero.

Jonathan Niese.

Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey look off into their bright futures

Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey look off into their bright futures

Those 5 names are powerful. You may recognize 3 of them, but who are Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero? Noah Syndergaard is the most exciting of them all. Syndergaard came to the Mets in the R.A. Dickey trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. We all were excited when we got d’Arnaud from Toronto, but the real prize has been Noah Syndergaard. He has soared through the Mets minor league system and is one of the brightest young pitchers in the game.

Rafael Montero is a Dominican-born prospect that was always regarded highly, but took a huge step this year. He should be considered a top-100 prospect in the league when the season ends, as is Noah Syndergaard.

The minor league all star game’s starting pitching matchup this year was Noah Syndergaard vs. Rafael Montero. That says enough right there.

Left to Right: Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero, and Brandon Nimmo at the 2013 Futures Game (Minor League All-Star Game)

Left to Right: Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero, and Brandon Nimmo at the 2013 Futures Game (Minor League All-Star Game)

Aside from the pitching there are also some nice batting prospects as well. Players like Cesar Puello, Dilson Herrera, Wilmer Flores, Brandon Nimmo, Gavin Cecchini, and others will join the New York Mets within the next 2-3 years.

On top of the dramatic amount of talented minor league players finances are also coming into our favor. The horrible contracts rewarded to Jason Bay and Johan Santana will finally be off the books upon this season’s end.

What does that mean?

For the first time in a long time the Mets will actually be able to sign some players. Whether that means they sign free agents, or take high salary talented players that other teams are looking to part ways with are still to be determined.

There are options.

The most exciting option is the Colorado Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez. The Rockies have publicly announced that they are willing to part ways with Gonzalez in order to go into rebuilding mode. He can fit perfectly on the Mets. He would take a much needed outfield spot, and bat clean-up behind David Wright. This would provide a huge power bat to back David Wright up. This would get Wright much better pitches, because teams would fear facing Gonzalez.

Colorado Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez. Future Met?

Colorado Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez. Future Met?

Then there are free agent outfielders Shin-Soo Choo, and Jacoby Ellsbury who can add some much needed speed, on base percentage, average, and pop to the leadoff spot in the line-up. Adding 2 players between Choo, Ellsbury, and Gonzalez can take this team to the playoffs as soon as next year.

Add the talent in the minor leagues, with the money they can now spend and pull in players like the ones mentioned above, and it would not be too outlandish to expect a trip to the World Series within the next five years.

If I had to predict next years’ Mets lineup it would go as follows:

1. Shin-Soo Choo

2. Daniel Murphy

3. David Wright

4. Carlos Gonzalez

5. Travis d’Arnaud

6. Wilmer Flores

7. Juan Lagares

8. Stephen Drew

and the pitchers would be: Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jonathan Niese, Dillon Gee, and Tim Lincecum.

Rafael Montero would be a summer call-up, and Noah Syndergaard may be a September call-up.

That team makes the playoffs in my opinion. The following year the minor league batters like Herrera, Cecchini, and others should be ready to reach the major leagues, and the line-up gets even better. I think then they make their World Series run.

So…I know it has been rough for you Met fans for a long time. Don’t give up now. Soon your team will be great and you will be able to tell everyone that you stood by your team through the bad times. It will feel so much better when they finally do great things knowing how long you waited.

Good things come to those who wait.

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