World Series Bound


We’ve made it!

The World Series is upon us.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox have made it to the promised land. Boy was I wrong! I picked Rays and Dodgers. So how did these two teams get to this position?

For the Cardinals I think it all goes back to one name. Michael Wacha. What a performance. This is a rookie who bounced on and off the major league roster all year long. For a rookie to join a team and dominate like this in the playoffs is just extraordinary. He went up against baseball’s best pitcher in Clayton Kershaw, with Kershaw needing a win in order to stay alive, and buried him. Amazing!

The Red Sox just keep hitting! This team does not stop! Coming into this season everyone thought this would be a year of rebuilding for the Sox. They didn’t bring in many players, they looked like they were going to be a worse version of last years team. Opposite. They dominated all season long and surprised everyone. Mike Napoli has been on fire this postseason. David Ortiz puts the entire city on his back. Jacoby Ellsbury does all the little things to perfection. Shane Victorino, an offseason acquistion, has come up so big when it mattered. This team is just a great story.

Here is a little sidenote…the Red Sox are going to get even better. Like I said, people thought this would be a rebuilding year. The Red Sox have some of the best players in the minor leagues almost ready to join the majors. Players like Xander Bogaerts (who did join the team extremely late in the season,) Jackie Bradley Jr., Garin Cecchini, and others are going to take the Red Sox to even bigger levels.

Boston Red Sox future star, Xander Bogaerts

Boston Red Sox future star, Xander Bogaerts

The same can actually be said about the Cardinals! Both of these teams are in the World Series, with some of their most talented players still in the minors. The consensus number one player in the minors, Oscar Taveras, got injured this season, otherwise he would have been in the majors already.

St. Louis Cardinals' top prospect, Oscar Taveras

St. Louis Cardinals’ top prospect, Oscar Taveras

Now let us look at this series.

The Cardinals have it all. Their lineup is stacked from top to bottom. They lost one of, if not their best, player in Allen Craig for the entire postseason. Until now. Craig will be able to return to the lineup as a designated hitter for the World Series. Another great bat for this lineup. Their pitching is spectacular. With Michael Wacha performing at this level they are so hard to beat.

Then there are the Red Sox. They also have an amazing lineup. Ellsbury, Victorino, Pedroia, Ortiz, Napoli, Bogaerts, Middlebrooks, Drew, etc….pick your poison. The one thing that has worried me about this team is their pitching. Their real true ace in Clay Bucholz seems banged up. The other pitchers are just underwhelming in my opinion. They are all pitching really well, but I just get the feeling that at any time it can implode.

My educated pick is the Cardinals. They have the hitting with the pitching to back it up.

My gut tells me Red Sox. Something has been guiding this team all along. When you want to count them out they just do not go away. They do not have the better team at all on paper. They are severely overmatched in personnel. Yet, this is what everyone has said since day one. Nobody believed in this team. They have proved their worth.

Four more wins.

Four more wins and the Red Sox finish proving to everyone that they were not to be slept on.

Four more wins.

Four more wins and the Cardinals prove that they are a dynasty that nobody wants to mess with.

Four more wins.

Four more wins and someone will be crowned the champion of Major League Baseball.


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