BCS Title Game and the End of the College Football Season


What a finish to this college football season. Who would have thought that Alabama would be knocked down in the last game of the season by a team that was one of the biggest letdowns a year ago.

One of the greatest finishes in sports history led Auburn to a victory over Alabama, propelling them into the SEC championship game, with a chance to advance to the BCS title game. My words cannot do the ending of this game justice. Just watch the video.

The call alone can give you chills. This will forever be remembered as one of the most exciting moments in sports history.

This victory led Auburn to the SEC Championship game against Missouri. They beat Missouri, and due to an Ohio State loss, advanced into the number 2 ranking setting up a BCS title game against Florida State.

Now, how about this title game. Florida State features freshman phenom, and Heisman front-runner Jameis Winston. This team hasn’t really struggled at all this season. They have it all. A great defense, and with Winston throwing, their offense is brilliant. The only question is that they are in the ACC and not the SEC. The SEC has the strongest teams, and is often times considered the minor leagues of the NFL. Now we can end the debate. We can find out if Winston and Florida State are as good as their undefeated record says, or if they have just played bad teams.

Florida State QB Jameis Winston

Florida State QB Jameis Winston

Auburn has one of the most dynamic offenses I have ever seen. They really seem unstoppable. Their offense relies on one play. They have different variations to this one play. It starts with quarterback, Nick Marshall, reading the defense and deciding if he will: A. hand off to superstar running back Tre Mason, B. run it himself, or C. throw a short pass to a wide receiver and have them run. This sounds simple doesn’t it? Wrong. Marshall has a ton of reading of the defense to do in a split second. When he makes the correct decision it almost always results in a huge play. Due to the skill of their players, it seems like even when he doesn’t make the right decision it results in a big play. This compounded with a strong defense makes Auburn very hard to beat.

Auburn QB Nick Marshall

Auburn QB Nick Marshall

I do not know if Florida State can contain Auburn’s offense. With the momentum they have coming into this title game, it is hard for me to choose Florida State over them. However, I am convinced that Jameis Winston is the real deal. In watching him play, he is flawless. He can make all the throws, is mentally strong to make the right decisions, and can run when needed to. Winston will be a superstar in the NFL when he is eligible to apply for the draft. Winston’s excellence is not enough. I think Auburn will be able to put up over 40 points, and if they do so, they win this game without a doubt. Auburn is a team that believes they are unstoppable. They believe that no lead is insurmountable and that they can beat anyone. Coming off that dramatic win against Alabama, they deserve to win the title.

Who wins the BCS title? Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also, how about that Alabama Auburn ending!?


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